SAVE THE DATE: 5/23 Mini Symposium

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Join us for a half day of presentations from guest speakers across the country and field of mucosal immunology. We will meet in Communicore C1-7 and finish with a boxed lunch that can be taken with you.

Registration and full schedule TBA.

Our guest speakers:

Andreas J. Bäumler, PhD
University of California, Davis
“The Pyromaniac Inside of You: Salmonella Metabolism in the Host Gut”

Gabriel Nuñez, MD
University of Michigan
” Role of Immunity and the Microbiota in the Control of Pathogens at the Intestinal Barrier”

Rodney D. Newberry, MD
Washington University
“Novel Roles for Goblet Cells in Intestinal Immunity”

Sean Stowell, MD, PhD
Emory University
“Examining Host Interactions with Molecular Mimicry”