Mini Symposium recap

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Dear CIMI Members, prospective Members and Friends,


Our recent Mini Symposium was a great success, with standing room only due to the extra demand to listen to our featured guest presenter.  Growing programs like our Mini Symposium and our full day Research Retreat in the fall are brought to the UF community through the support of CIMI’s Principal Investigators who designate a portion of their IDC’s from grants to the Center.  CIMI encourages members to designate at least 2.0% of their project IDC’s to support our center.  Your continued support ensures that CIMI becomes a fully self-funding and permanent fixture in the research community here at the University of Florida.  


If you have any projects from FY16 that have not been fully assigned to a center, please do so soon and consider designating CIMI as the recipient.  With distribution scheduled for October, each college is approaching their deadline for IDC assignment.  For reference, CIMI’s department ID is: 29052100. 

Thank you to our following members who have already designated CIMI to receive a portion of the IDC’s from their projects in FY16: 

Dorina Avram, Laurence Morel, Edward Chan, Gill Diamond, Kevin McHugh, Michael Kladde, Alexandra Lucas, Christian Jobin, Robert Hromas, Shahram Salek-Ardakani, David Pascual, Mansour Mohamadzadeh. 

Thank you to all other members who contributed last year of their FY15 IDC’s. I am proud of the growing partnership that CIMI represents across colleges at the University of Florida.   With your continued IDC contributions from FY16, CIMI will be better positioned to take advantage of the unique opportunities that exist for collaboration among our qualified researchers, scientists, and students at the University of Florida.  


Mansour Mohamadzadeh, Ph.D.
Center for Inflammation & Mucosal Immunology