Dr. Mohamadzadeh’s Lab

Center for Inflammation & Mucosal Immunology

Dr. Mohamadzadeh’s Laboratory focuses research on delineating immunologic pathways in order to create therapeutic platforms for the clinical setting. Research activity comprises two main projects; 1) understanding the role of bacterial molecules in health and disease and 2) establishing an oral vaccine platform that can be easily produced, inexpensive, and is able to be efficiently provided to the most susceptible populations in both developed and developing countries. The underlying motivation of Dr. Mohamadzadeh and his lab is the desire to prevent disease and suffering, especially in young children.

Current Members

  • Mansour Mohamadzadeh, PhD

  • Bikash Sahay, MVSc, PhD

  • Mojgan Zadeh, MS

  • Natacha Colliou, PhD

  • Yong Ge, PhD

  • Minghao Gong, BS